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Curriculum Outline:

Option Basics

Options vs Stock

Options 101 - Understanding Call Options

Options 101 - Understanding Put Options

Intrinsic & Extrinsic Value

Buying vs Selling Options

Trade Entry Concepts

Expiration & Strike Price

Bid-Ask Spread

Volume & Open Interest

Intro to Probability of Profit (POP)

Intro to Implied Volatility

Intro to Implied Volatility Rank & Percentile

Intro to Notional Value & Buying Power Reduction

Basic Options Strategies: Part 1

Naked Put Options

Naked Call Options

Covered Call

Vertical Debit Spread

Vertical Credit Spread

Basic Options Strategies: Part 2


Iron Condor


Iron Fly

Intro to the Greeks




Intro to Trade Management

Opening a Trade

Closing a Trade

Assignment and Rolling a Trade

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